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4 Ways to Update Your Web Design to Enhance The Customer Journey

By Adrianna Stewart on

It’s no trade secret that having a professionally designed website is essential to the success of your business. Your website increases audience reach, encouraging a feeling of trust within your customer, as it serves as the central hub of resources to learn about your business. Did you know, it takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about whether they’ll stay or leave your website?

Voyaging through a sea of information, people tend to make swift judgements. It’s important to consider that the online market is saturated and when a customer is doing research, time is of the essence. Staying on top of your web design game and updating for optimum user experience is vital for the success of your brand. Good news for you is, your favorite designers from Creative Cave are here to guide you through the process.


50 millisecond impression

So what does it take to create an impression that sticks? Well, it’s a common misconception that web design is only about aesthetics. The key to success when it comes to reeling a customer in, hooking them and making them come back for more is actually a lot simpler than you’d think. And what is that key, you ask? Well, we are ready to just hand it over to you. Ready for it? This might come as a shocker, but the key is empathy. Great web design focuses more on user experience as a whole. Considering your customer’s needs and creating positive experiences for them at each touch point of their customer journey is just as, if not more important for your design than focusing solely on the way things look.

The Customer Journey

So, let’s take a second to talk about the customer journey. The customer journey is the process it takes for your customer to accomplish a goal, from start to finish. The goals of each customer vary and the customer journey begins before the customer even reaches your website. Statistics say that buyers search for their target online 8-12 times before they even begin to interact with a specific website. This means that buyers may not have made a purchase, but we bet you your bottom dollar that they are researching your site as an option. The design of your web site can guide your customer in the right direction. Just as doing research and getting to know about your business helps your customer make decisions along their journey, it’s vital for you to get to know your customer. Every customer has a different journey and a different reason for viewing your page. Doing user research, creating a variety of customer personas, and a journey map is a great way to gain a deep understanding of your web site visitors so you can help them achieve their goals. At its core, your website should solve a problem, and getting to know your customer helps determine their needs. Without this level of understanding, your designs are simply guesses and your website will solve zero problems.

There are plenty of ways to be more considerate to the user when it comes to updating your web design. Your favorite designers from Creative Cave are ready to jump in and help out by providing a few tips so your web design provides the absolute best experience.


Understanding your customer’s goals when visiting your website will help you understand what content will be best for your website.  Are they there to be entertained? Do they need to be educated on a specific topic? Do they wish to contact you or receive a newsletter? Many web users may visit your page a six or seven times before they ever initiate any contact. That being said, make it easy for your customer’s needs to be met in the meantime. Be sure to state a clear message about what it is your business does and include a contact page. Too often, a customer will leave because they are unsure about what it is a business even does. Baffling, right? Nurture your customer by providing actionable tips and include a variety of content including short videos, and photos that are a smaller size so that your website loading time is at top speed, and their experience is seamless.


It’s important to your customer’s journey that your website is structured in a way navigation happens quickly and intuitively. Be sure to keep your design simple, keep buttons and navigation bars in places the user expects. Having a design that’s too unique can actually lead to confusion and frustration along the customer’s journey causing them to leave your website. Include CTA’s on your page so that you’re giving a guided experience and helping the decision making process along.

Artboard 7

Mobile Optimization 

Did you know that over half of worldwide internet traffic stems from mobile devices, up from 16.2% in 2013? This growing trend stresses the importance of making sure your website is mobile friendly. We’ve all visited a site on our cell phone where buttons were too big or words were too tiny. Think about how smoothly your own journey would have been if you didn’t have to triple tap a button or scroll all the way in to read a paragraph. It’s all in the details and efficiency is key here for a user experience, where all is calm and smooth sailing.


As we stated, aesthetics aren’t everything, but design fails can completely hinder a customer journey, so we certainly have ground to cover. A huge and very common design mistake is using every square inch of your web design real estate, jamming it packed with everything under the sun. This is utter chaos, design anarchy, if you will, and not in the cool, edgy way. By doing this, you will overwhelm and confuse your user. I reiterate, keep it simple! Everything on your site should serve a purpose. By utilizing your negative space, you will create a balanced, clean look. Choose a color palette that compliments your branding, that is not yelling over your posted content (try a whisper). We suggest limiting your font choices to two fonts that pair well together. If you don’t know anything about fonts, try out using a font pairing generator, or leave it up to us, your favorite designers from Creative Cave who are here to help. 

Need more web design advice? Creative Cave’s experienced designers are happy to help. Feel free to contact us and make sure to stay tuned for our next blog where we will cover more Web Design ground. 



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