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Coronavirus, Remote Working & Your Business: Make the Best of a Bad Situation

By Angelica Fierro on

I thought it best to start by addressing the elephant in the room – things are really weird these days. And, yes, that’s quite the understatement. Watching the news for just a few minutes makes you want to run and hide, assuming you’ve stocked your hiding place with ramen, toilet paper, and bleach.

But no matter how overwhelming these days might seem, we all must find ways to push through. It’s what we do, right? Give ourselves a few moments to soak in the vastness of the issues facing us, come up with a plan, and then attack it like our collective hair is on fire? Well, that’s exactly what Creative Cave is going to help you, your business, and your team do over the next few weeks.
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The Ins-and-Outs of Remote Working

Your favorite B2B marketing agency is writing a brief series on making the best of this challenging situation. We’re going to cover the ins-and-outs of remote working, along with some handy best practices on preserving a sense of teamwork throughout. And because the coronavirus pandemic impacts every business a bit differently, we’re going to cover a wide spectrum of topics involving work-at-home employees, home offices, remote project management, and the like, specifically:


  • Communication tools & other technology for remote teams
  • The importance of “getting ready” for work every day
  • Social distancing vs. physical distancing
  • Staying productive & blocking out the quarantine white noise
  • Maintaining your culture with full-time remote employees
  • Delivering fantastic B2B customer service from a distance
  • The corporate secret sauce for challenging times – empathy

As you'll soon see, finding success with a remote working model requires a lot more than a wi-fi connection, a generic video conferencing app, and a weekly check-in with your team. But that's not to say it takes a monumental effort, either. Like most things, it just means you have to be smart about it.

Remote Working Veterans

So I know what you’re thinking right now – why should you listen to a B2B marketing agency, albeit a fantastic one, for remote working tips when you’ve received no less than 150 emails on the very same subject? Simple. Because we’ve already been doing it for years.

With team members and clients spread out across different time zones, the remote worker model that everyone is scrambling to adopt is how we’ve always done things. And as you might’ve guessed, we’ve distilled it into an absolute science. Even better, we know how to do it without breaking the bank.

Thanks to the rapid rise of some pretty amazing, cost-effective SaaS solutions like Slack, Zoom, Skype, and Trello – not to mention old stalwarts like Google Docs – any company can quickly implement the simple tech and communication stacks they need to become telecommuting wunderkinds. And just as importantly, we also have insights on ensuring your team remains, well, a team.

Whatever you choose to call it – virtual working, telecommuting, working from home, working in chonies – it might lend itself to some convenient perks and a far easier commute, but the same can’t be said for your company’s culture or customer service. However, given the circumstances, we honestly wouldn’t feel right about hoarding our hands-on knowledge of the subject. Maybe your neighbor with 500 rolls of toilet paper will feel the same at some point in time.

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Anyway, that’s going to be our game plan for the next few weeks. Of course, if you have any B2B inbound marketing needs along the way, you can always check out our previous thoughts on the topic or, better yet, reach out to us. Whatever brought you here, though, I’m glad you found your way, and promise that Creative Cave will do what we can to make sure we all get through this in one piece. COVID-19 is scary, but it's not going to beat us. Pinky swear.

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