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How to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing in 2021

By Angelica Fierro on

Now that 2020 is thankfully in the rearview mirror, it’s time to reassess where you’re at and strategize for the future. Naturally, given how essential social media marketing is these days, it should play a significant role in that strategizing. But if you’re like many B2B companies out there, a single question lingers in your head:

What should be the focus of my social media marketing in 2021?

Well, you came to the right place because I’m about to discuss three critical areas to focus your social media marketing on this year.

Harness the Power of Video

I've said it before and I'll say it again – when it comes to engaging your target audience, video is the king of the content castle for B2B marketers. And no medium leverages the innate storytelling abilities of video better than social media. But I'm preaching to the choir if you’re already a video marketer since, as research tells us, video drives two-thirds more qualified leads than any other content format.

So I will admit that this isn't a new trend or in any way exclusive to 2021. However, as video continues to spread its tentacles across the digital marketing landscape, it's fair to say that 2021 is a crossroads for anyone not using video in their digital marketing strategy.

Put another way, if video content isn't a focal point in your social media marketing, then you are wasting valuable daylight. If you don't start soon, then there is a pretty darn good chance that you are not going to be able to close the engagement gap between you and your competitors.

Think of it this way – 82% of all internet traffic will stem from streaming or downloaded video by 2022. Therefore, video is not like a fidget spinner, where it's all the rage for a bit and then fades into the sunset. Video content will only continue to strengthen its grip across most facets of digital marketing, social media being at the top of that list.

Thus, if you don't have the in-house experience or expertise to adequately address this critical component of social media marketing, then I highly suggest you partner with someone that does. More specifically, you need someone that can combine precise search engine optimization (SEO), a meticulous inbound content marketing strategy, email marketing, and social media into a cohesive marketing plan that engages at every stage of the buyer's journey and process. Do you know of anyone like that? Maybe a particular Dallas-based digital agency?

Convey Authenticity

Here's the thing – your B2B customers see right through phoniness. In that sense, there's no difference between B2B customers and B2C customers, with both having finely tuned BS radars embedded within their psyche.

That's what makes authenticity so critical to your social media messaging. Simply put, if you come off as genuine and authentic, then your brand is in pretty good shape. However, if consumers sense a lack of transparency or air of inauthenticity, they are going to keep walking past you and to the competition.

According to research, over 90% of consumers will reward a company for its authenticity through their purchasing behavior and endorsements. Thus, there is a direct correlation between how genuine you are in your messaging and your revenue streams.

Further, authenticity is especially critical to social media marketing since information spreads at light speed across the different social media channels. When it comes to being authentic in your posting, my suggestion is to stay true to your branding and be cautious of jumping on any social or marketing trends just because they seem like the thing to do. Being genuine will always be far more important than hashtags and hitching your boat to influencers that come and go.

Don't Be Scared of TikTok

Finally, as ubiquitous as TikTok seems to be these days, most companies are still hesitant to jump into those particular waters, particularly on the B2B side of the fence.

Granted, when it comes to B2B marketing, TikTok isn't necessarily the first social media platform that springs to mind. I mean, TikTok is the home of lip-synching dance routines and junior high beefs, right? Well, not exactly. With nearly 1 billion active users, the TikTok audience is far bigger than just the 25-and-under crowd.

Of course, I'm not saying that you should immediately devote the majority of your digital marketing resources toward TikTok. However, depending on your B2B buyer personas and target audience segments, 2021 could be the year that you should start swimming into the TikTok waters.

For instance, are you marketing your company to organizations filled with millennials and Gen Y employees? If so, then there is a very good chance that those employees are on TikTok, making it a viable platform for your messaging.

Further, if you decide that TikTok is worth your efforts, then my suggestion is to take the first two sub headers in this blog to heart. Obviously, TikTok is entirely dependent on creative, compelling video content. Likewise, that content will only engage the audience when it's authentic and true to who you are as an organization.

Yes, this might all seem somewhat overwhelming at the moment but, if you do it right, 2021 could be the year your social media strategy puts you over the top. Well, along with amazing infographics, podcasts, white papers, case studies, webinars, blogs, and other content that engages current and potential customers. And the best news of all – Creative Cave has you covered, no matter what your digital marketing needs might be.