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How User Engagement Can Help Your SEO

By Jon Miller on

Creating engagement with your potential customers and existing customers is effective in its own right, but most businesses only rely on it as a way to build brand awareness and social reach. It's true that interacting and engaging your visitors is a real winner on those fronts, but there's also another major benefit — engagement can boost your site's SEO.

The Relation Between User Engagement and SEO

It certainly does sound like a bold claim, but there are connections between user engagement and SEO. These are mainly indirect relationships. Still, you can see the ways that an engagement marketing plan could improve the SEO of your site.

To understand better, examine which of Google's engagement metrics impact your site's rankings:

  • Number of visitors from Google Search
  • Number of direct visitors (URL bar)
  • Total number of visitors from all sources
  • Average time spent on site per visitor
  • Average bounce rate (single pageview only)
  • Total number of page views

These engagement metrics are all ranking factors. Improving your stats as much as possible will bring up the rankability of your website. Then, the other side will be building links to your website and posting in-depth content.

Improve Your SEO Metrics With A Focus On Engagement

Consider how your engagement campaign can benefit your website while being mindful of the negative affects you can cause. For example, think about how you would run a social media contest and ask yourself:

Do I Want Users Visiting My Website?

Assume visitors are sent to your website. This traffic is subject to the engagement metrics that matter in Google's ranking algorithm. This means you have to consider how you influence the time on page and bounce rate. Controlling this directly relates to the experience and content on your site. Are you providing relevant content that gives the visitors value?

Does My Website Experience Allow Visitors to Quickly Get The Info They Need?

Understanding your buyers and what is valuable to them helps develop an optimized website for lead generating and converting. Creating an easy to navigate, easily read website gives your visitors a positive experience when interacting with your website. Consider your buyers and what they need and develop you enagement strategy directly for them.

How Long Are My Users Staying on My Site?

Going to a website to get information about an offer or simply making a purchase can take minutes if not seconds. Providing more value adds within the site such as videos, educational blog content, and/or communication capabilities to interact with your brand can increase the time a visitor stays on your site, increasing the opportunity for return visitors, thus taking advantage of those Google engagement metrics to increase search engine ranking chances. 


User engagement is all about providing value to your visitors, creating a sticky website that drives people to stay longer and continue to return, and of course increasing your social reach to engage more people. Focus more on who you are marketing too and how you can engage them with valuable content videos, offers, and beyond. The more you engage your visitors and create an enjoyable experience for them, the better your SEO will be and you will start seeing greater search engine rankings.

Happy Engaging!
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