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You'll never believe why you shouldn't write headlines like this...

By Jon Miller on

Clickbait! We all hate it. How often have you clicked on an interesting-sounding article shared on social media, only to find that the actual piece couldn’t be less related to the title if it tried? It’s frustrating, silly, and even a little insulting. So why do so many sites insist on using those misleading titles? Keep reading and you won’t believe the outrageous reason why…


Sorry I had to… It’s because it is easier to come up with a catchy headline then create a piece of content that is valuable and insightful for readers.

Believe it or not, clickbait headlines are just one of a range of behaviors that many businesses have been fooled into believing are good practices for their social posts, ads and beyond. It's true that well-chosen and well-placed keywords are vital to making a page visible and searchable; the problem arises when those keywords are misused and not relevant to the overall content on that page.

Google isn’t just scanning for keywords, they want to see organic, relevant content focused on a topic. That gives Google the chance to see your web page as an authority over that topic, which will begin to increase your ranking.

Here’s Why…

These behaviors may result in more initial clicks and impressions, but long term they’re not going to provide the ROI you are looking for with your website. Gone are the days when Google and other search engines only looked at how many people visited a site when determining how well to rank it. Now – as Google warns in its Link Schemes document – it matters not just that people visit your site, but that they stay, engage, and find your content useful.

Clickbaity articles, keyword-stuffed headlines and articles may seem like a way to get the visitors flowing into your website. But it doesn’t mean a thing if those visitors take one look at your content, sigh in frustration, and flow straight out again. It's crucial to ensure that you optimize your content in a way that doesn't turn away visitors, keep them coming back for more.

What Is The Solution?

Simple! Create content that is useful, engaging, relevant, and readable. Resist the temptation to try and trick users into clicking on an ad that isn’t valuable to them. Stop stuffing your titles with irrelevant keywords or loading your blog posts with keywords that hinders the readability. Instead, be selective and smart with your content creation.

Make your content human-friendly as well as bot-friendly; keywords are still vital but ensure your content is something you would actually enjoy reading. In the long term you’ll see the benefits as visitors stay longer, share, and engage with what you’re saying.

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