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The Quick Guide to B2B Paid Search

By Angelica Fierro on

Waiting for your content strategy to take root and bloom is a lot like planting a new garden. You know that persistence will be worth the wait – and then some – but that wait itself can sometimes be frustrating. But what if there was an inbound garden superfood that could speed up that process? Make that content even more powerful for lead generation and driving conversion rates? That’s what B2B paid search is for your content marketing, and we’ve bottled that magical elixir for you.

Download Our Quick Guide to B2B Paid Search

In our newest bit of digital marketing wisdom, The Quick Guide to B2B Paid Search, we provide you with a comprehensive set of specific PPC campaign tools and tips – 15 of them, to be exact! – that are bound to make your B2B content strategy blossom as you better engage your target audience. Much more than the precursory, high-level look at PPC ads you’ll find elsewhere, our guide is an all-you-can-eat buffet of roll-up-your-sleeves insights and best practices, covering topics like:


  • Why paid search is so powerful in engaging B2B companies across the sales cycle
  • How paid search drives your B2B marketing & brand awareness
  • Using keyword research to find the best search terms & specific keywords
  • Tips on the Google Ads platform & its Keyword Planner tool
  • How to structure your ad groups & platform account
  • PPC bidding strategy do’s and don’ts
  • Paid search optimization insights
  • Landing page & CTA tips to drive more qualified leads
  • And tons more!

B2B Paid Search

As you’ll see, The Quick Guide to B2B Paid Search is a cut well-above your standard, generic fare. Our insights are specific, practical, and, quite frankly, awesome. Would you like a better understanding of how paid search works with your overall B2B inbound marketing strategy? What about 15 different techniques you can use today to send your paid search campaigns into lead generation hyperspace? We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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