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Learn Snapchat before its ad network takes off

By Jon Miller on

Snapchat’s messages may disappear after 24 hours, but Snapchat itself isn’t going anywhere. It's not only a place for tweens to wear puppy dog ears and add a pretty filter, as over 50% of Snapchat’s audience is now in the coveted 18-34 year old demographic. It’s now becoming a powerful tool for brands to grow engagement with their customers.  

Driving more than 6 billion daily video views, all from mobile devices, it is
becoming a marketing tool that businesses need to try out. But we get it, starting with zero Snapchat followers can be daunting for a business, but it’s not about your follower count – it’s about your Snap consumption (engagement). 

How to measure Snapchat success?

Measure Snap Open Rates
to see how your followers are reacting to content you send out. This is a good metric to follow to see if you are successful growing your views month over month or if your content is causing a dip in your views.

Test successful snaps on other channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This is a good way to see how your audience uses each channel and how engagement varies on a particular piece of content.

Analyze Story Completion Rates as well. Whether users are continually completing your stories or leaving before they finish them, you can optimize your Story content to try and increase those Story Completion Rates.

Track your screenshot counts as well. If your content is causing users to screenshot then you can assume that content is highly engaging to your followers. Most likely, that screenshot is being distributed to that user’s network in some way.


Now is the time to get Snappin'!

Snapchat is still new for brands and there aren’t many, if any, streamlined tools to analyze our snapchat campaigns. However, learning how to engage your users now (even if measuring and analyzing data can be more difficult) will get you ahead of the game when Snapchat inevitably makes the pivot into a powerful and engaging advertising tool for small/ medium businesses to utitlize to interact with customers.

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