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What is The Marketing Cave? The New Podcast from Creative Cave

By Angelica Fierro on

On this inaugural episode of The Marketing Cave, hosted by Creative Cave’s VP of Marketing, Carter Severns, he dives into the specifics of what this new marketing podcast is all about.

Carter shares the answers to your three burning questions: Who is Carter? Who is Creative Cave? And what is this podcast all about?


Here are all the things you'll need to know about what to expect from this podcast in the future, such as:

  • Tactical ways to become a better marketer, leader, and strategic thinker
  • A glimpse behind the curtain of how Creative Cave executes marketing activities
  • Interviews with marketers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

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Carter: Hey, everybody, what's up, my name is Carter, and welcome to the very first episode of our new podcast. As you can see, we've started something new here at creative cave. And we're super excited about it. We're super stoked. And this is the inaugural maiden voyage very first introductory episode of the show that we have named The Marketing Cave. So no matter how you got here, however you found it. However you're watching, listening, consuming. Thank you so much for joining me, like I said, super stoked for this very, very first episode.

There's a few things that we want to cover here to kind of just give you a glimpse into what this show is going to be, you know, what's the subject matter? What are we going to be talking about? And there's really three things that we're going to cover today on this this first introductory episode. And the first is like, Who the heck am I? Fair question. Who is creative cave? And really, what is this new show this new podcast, this new venture of ours all about?

Okay, so let's answer that very first question. Who am I? Right? Great question. Thank you so much for inquiring. My name is Carter Severns. I'm one of the partners here at creative cave, you'll meet the rest of the team and future episodes. But as far as my my background, and my career, I've been in digital marketing my, my entire career, I started out at kind of a, you know, a more corporate agency, it was a lot of, you know, retail fortune 500 clients that I worked on, in that that initial foray into digital marketing. And then I moved into performance digital marketing, and I worked for an international agency that actually handled a ton of really well known big clients, and I got to actually work on the Adidas account as well as the Hilton account. So that was a huge game changing experience for me a ton of exposure into formats, digital marketing, really honing in on some of those skills, and how they're done it on a very, very large scale.

And after that, I actually was running an internal marketing team for a SAS data analytics and reporting company here in Dallas.

So those kind of three different backgrounds that I've had of both like a corporate agency, I'm a very fast paced traditional agency that you think of like performance, digital marketing, and then the in house internal marketing team that really has given me a good exposure to how both worlds kind of work, hopefully, we can view it through that lens of both in house marketing as well as agency marketing and hopefully the the things that we talked about on the show and the tactics and the skills and the guests that we have on hopefully, we can really apply that you know, so So whether you're like I said, the in house marketer, whether the your agency side, or even if you are a freelance person, or maybe you're in college, and you're still looking for that, that first gig, hopefully, we can apply all of this marketing and all these tactics and all the things we're going to talk about to you so that you can apply that to your career.

So again, just want to thank you personally, for me, thank you for tuning in. Thank you for being here. You know, we greatly appreciate it. And then I'll leave my my, my LinkedIn, in the description or in the show notes. If you guys would like to connect, feel free to shoot me a message. And then also I'm gonna leave all of the creative cave links social media, so please, like follow interact with us come say What's up? We greatly appreciate that. That's probably enough about me, I would say so let's jump into you know, who is who is creative K, right.

So creative cave is first and foremost, an inbound marketing agency. And it take that a step further to kind of describe us we really hone in and focus on the b2b space. Another descriptor that we would use something else that we identified by is we are a platinum HubSpot partner agency.

So if you're not familiar with HubSpot, kind of the simplest, most watered down way that I can put it is it's a it's a marketing automation tool. So I'm sure if you've not heard of HubSpot, you have heard of some of their competitors or other players in that space. But just to quickly, kind of break that down, you know, marketing automation tool, what does that mean, you know, for HubSpot, so it's a kind of a one stop shop, it combines your Google Analytics, your male chimps, your social media, scheduling tools, your CRM all in one place. So it houses all your contacts. And that also allows you to distribute that content and a wide array of other you know, marketing activities that you can do through that platform. And we'll get into more of that, you know, in future episodes, but that's kind of a quick get your toes wet into what HubSpot is and what marketing automation is itself.

So I mentioned that, you know, we're an inbound marketing agency, and that can kind of manifest itself in a lot of different ways, right. But some of the specific inbound marketing tactics that will use is, you know, creating blogs or ebooks or guides or podcasts or really any variety of content for our clients. Right.

So our our biggest goal is driving growth for our clients through inbound marketing. So that's a big pillar of what we do, right? Inbound marketing are really four buckets, kind of as an agency that you could lump our service lines into. The first that I just talked about was inbound mark. The second one that we would say is like website and app development, the third would be creative. So graphic design, web design, a little bit of branding. And then the fourth week kind of focus on is is paid media.

So again, we'll get into the the different channels and tactics that we use as an agency, but did at least want to give you a little bit of background on who we are. So one other thing that I want to mention, as far as answering the question, who is creative cave, there's a term that I that I've come up with, and I'm sure it's out there. But I like to say that we're our unapologetically agency. And I know that can sound a little harsh or a little extreme in it. And it kind of took us a long time to really just like, own that. But what I kind of mean is, you know, embracing the things that are good about agencies. And again, this is something we'll dive into probably much deeper later.

But some of the positive things that come with having an agency is the speed and the agility to get things done. It's also the you know, the access that our clients have two experts in multiple different channels, right. So you know, we've got a team that specializes in all these different areas and and all of our clients get to benefit from the fact that we've got a bunch of experts in house another thing that I I kind of identify under unapologetically agency, and this is something that kind of took some time for us to grow into. But if you're watching this right now, you probably can tell. And if you're not watching, I'll explain but I don't really look the part of a b2b corporate company that we typically work with. So you know, when we go to meet with clients, you know, we go in tattoos, a blazer and hats on, you know, and what that really boils down to is we're just being ourselves, I think that, you know, even in this b2b space, it is very corporate, but we've really just identified as we're that creative partner that you look to, and maybe that has been a detriment to us and pitch meetings and trying to win business.

But what we found is that we just do so much better when we ourselves, we own who we are, that's what we bring to the table. And that's what I kind of think about when I say unapologetically agency is, you know, we don't look very corporate, and we don't want to try to have to, like dress the part just to fit in. And I think I'll, over time our clients have really started to understand like, that's, that's our value, right? That's why they want to partner with someone like us, we're bringing some of that outside thinking a little bit of more of a creative direction for what could be a, you know, a very corporate b2b environment.

Okay, so the third and final section of what is this podcast? What is the show, so in the most like succinct way that we can put it, you know, we want to be sharing tactical specific ways to make you a better marketer, a better leader, a more strategic thinker. So we want to have these, you know, short, easy to digest, but very specific and tactical, in depth marketing type episodes, we're teaching how to do something very specific that we've learned, either through trial and error, or things that have worked for our clients, or maybe that haven't worked for our clients, we want to bring those types of episodes where we're just kind of like, peeling back the layers, giving you a glimpse behind the curtain of what we do as an agency.

So we want to use our experiences, some of the internal processes that we use all of that as inspiration for some of the the topical stuff that we're going to bring to these these episodes. And you know, really, over the past few months, we've been putting together a lot of content around how we do what we do. And that's something that's really like taking a deep dive into one specific process or thing that we do for a client as an agency, and really, just really just honing in on what that is how we do it.

What are the steps involved? What are the lessons that we learned, maybe some stories of things that have worked or haven't worked along the way. And we really just love the idea of being able to share that content in a different format, other than just the the written blogs and content offers that we're putting out on our website. So you know, this podcast will serve as a place for us to expand on those have more conversations, deep dive, bring guests and to talk about some of those tactical marketing things. So that's one of the things very execution or very marketing activity specific that will want to talk about.

But another thing, you know, besides those, you know, execution type things, you know, we want to allow anyone who listens to this podcast and opportunity for growth as a marketer. So we want to bring in other marketers who have experienced in this space, maybe we'll bring in people who have very specific channels that they are experts in. And hopefully we get a diverse variety of different types of content and marketing specific things and people on the show. So not only talk very tactical things, but also talk about career growth management, how to continue to educate yourself once you're in the workforce. So that's kind of the second tier of what we want to do on this show. We want to be bringing people in who have very specific knowledge, who have great exposure and experience in different channels, industries, companies, all of those different things that can help grow our audience in multiple ways.

And then the last thing we want to talk about just like what's happening in the world of marketing, what's topical, what's trending, what's changing, you know, in the digital marketing space, if you're not continuing to educate yourself, you're already behind just because the clip that things change and are adjusted and the way that technology is changing this space so rapidly, if you're not in tune with what's happening, what's changing, you know, you're already behind your competition, right? So, you know, anything that that's been an impactful for us anything that we've seen as an agency that's working or that we're working on for clients, anything that that we feel like is, is cutting edge or trending in in marketing automation, or agency world or anything that's topical, that we just find interesting. That's another thing that we just want to talk about on this show.

So there it is, that's kind of what this podcast and marketing cave is going to look like. Obviously, it is a living, breathing, changing, iterative process, right. But But there it is. So we're, we're headed down the street, the training wheels are off. Parents let go of the bike, and we're pedaling. And we would love for you guys to just hop on the pegs with us and go for this ride.

So thank you so much for tuning in. Please subscribe, follow us on social give us five stars. We're really looking forward to this. We hope that you guys are excited. Thank you so much for tuning in. And we will see you guys next time.

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